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Our Love for Poetry

By: Sherry (4th grader), Bayelle (3rd grader), and Sydney (3rd grader)

Do you like poetry? Here are some things that the 2nd-6th graders said after they finished a unit on poetry during National Poetry Month. We hope it inspires you to love poetry like we do!

Poetry means being able to write your feelings on a piece of paper.

Victorine Thieriot, 6th grader

I think the best part about poetry is the beautiful words.

Victoria Yu, 5th grader

My favorite part about poetry is that you can do it so freely.

-Celeste Zhou, 4th grader

I love how it has so much feeling.

-Yasoda Govinda, 4th grader

I think that poetry makes me calm and I like how some poems have lots of rhymes.

Sherry Wu, 4th grader

Poetry makes me feel calm and it lets me express myself in a new way.

-Zacari Obenyah, 3rd grader

I love poetry because it makes me feel like I’m in a brand new beautiful world.

-Bayelle Blanc, 3rd grader

I can express myself in poems.

-Luminata Canevari, 3rd grader

You can make a poem about anything you want.

-Gyda Hoang, 2nd grader

So after reading all these quotes, we hope you are inspired to write your own poem about anything you want. If you don’t know how to write a poem, research, and read famous and popular poems.

Here are some poems written by the 2nd-6th graders. Happy Reading!

And now a special interview with Mrs. Nicholson. 

Bayelle: Can you tell me why you first taught “I-am” poems to the 5th and 6th graders?

Mrs. Nicholson: When you’re writing your first poem, you should write an “I-am” poem because you’re the person you know best. 

Sydney: What do you enjoy about poetry?

Mrs. Nicholson: I love that it usually comes from your heart.