Student Work

Creative Buildings with Corks and Sticks

By: Celeste (4th grader), Zacari (3rd grader), and Iris (3rd grader)

The 3rd and 4th graders formed groups and built structures out of popsicle sticks and corks. Some groups made buildings for fun and others for a purpose. We hope you enjoy reading about our projects.


Bayelle, Zacari, and Iris built this structure for fun. They first wanted to build a ferris wheel but settled on the idea of a gazebo afterwards. The gazebo is very neat and it has an intricate table. After they built it, they wanted to use it for roly poly bugs. The group of 4th graders (see roly poly bugs sanctuary) agreed to let them share their idea.

Three Group Elementary School

Sydney, Lucy and Lumi built a model of a dream school. They used corks, straws, popsicle sticks, clay, and yarn. They have two classrooms, an outdoor classroom, an eating area, and a playground. They hope to inspire other students to build a dream school too.

Roly Poly Sanctuary

Sherry, Yasoda, and Celeste built this model for roly poly bugs to experience life in a pre-built sanctuary. They provided a sick bay, a feeding area, a play palace, and plenty of ladders for easy access to different levels. Enjoy the engineering process of the 4th graders and remember that everyone can be creative. 

We hope you like these projects and they inspire you to build your own!