Introducing the Robotics Club

- DVBS Archive Team -

Written by: Rahula Tan (12)

Media by: Alston Liu (12)

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In the near future, robots are just as likely to be hovering in the air, or swimming through someone’s bloodstream, as working in an automotive factory. That is why students of Developing Virtue Boys School started a robotics club of their own – as a preparation for the inevitable future as well as to develop cognitive skills such as critical thinking and teamwork. With immense support from Dr. Zhang and the school, the students purchased three brand new Arduino kits. For those who are unfamiliar with robotics, Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software, and it is intended for anyone making interactive projects. The Arduino robot can perform many cool tasks, such as following objects, avoiding obstacles, and even fighting with other Arduino robots! As advances in technology continue to push the envelope in professions like healthcare, travel, communication, and education, a thorough understanding in robotics and computer programming will definitely give the students leverages in their future careers, and the students will definitely use the knowledge they have attained to become positive forces in the society!

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Building the Robots:

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Coding the Robots:

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Finished Product:

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Car Demonstration:

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Hear from some of the club members!

“I enjoy working with my partner, because it teaches me teamwork. Also, it teaches me to always follow instructions so that you don’t make mistakes.”

– Soong Way Wong (Class of 2023)

“Learning robotics paves the way to making machines to help people.”

– Jason Chiem (Class of 2025)

“Coding is a very fun activity to do, since it gives me the ability to control what I build.”

– Aden Teh (Class of 2025)

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DVBS Archive Team

April 6, 2022