Rising Against the Wind

Written by the Chinese 6H Class
Photography and Video by Amy Liu (Class of 2023)

Against a vibrant expanse of blue sky, two dancing kites ascended above the joyous laughter of the Chinese 6H students. It was a lively spring day just before the Lunar New Year, and along with their teacher Mr. Li, the girls set off on a journey to the back mountains to explore the Chinese tradition of flying kites.

Reaching an open, verdant field, they unraveled the polyester line from the kite spool and with a cheerful shout, let it soar into the sky. The buoyant orange fabric flapped in the wind before steadying in the upper air currents, bringing the girls’ best wishes to the sky. Flowing behind, a sprightly striped tail merged into the wind, mirroring the students’ breathless but excited running beneath.

After catching their breath, the students chattered happily and took many photos and polaroids to remember the special moment. Walking back to school, they left behind their troubles, ready to welcome the spirit of the new year.