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Winners of the 2022 Chinese Couplets Challenge

In celebration of the Lunar New Year and in honor of our founder Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, IGDVS hosted a matching couplets challenge and received remarkable submissions from students of all ages, parents, teachers, and staff. After thorough deliberation by a panel of expert judges, the following winners have been decided for the couplet matching and calligraphy contests.

Couplet Matching Winners

5-8th Grade Non-native
  1. Sophia Heimberg
  2. Aarya Desai
  3. Anna Dunnicliff
5-8th Grade native
  1. Matthew Wong
9-12th Grade Beginner
  1. Tessa Jahnke
9-12th Grade Intermediate
  1. Katherine Wang
  2. Erica Lai
  3. Amy Liu
9-12th Grade Advanced
  1. Alston Liu
  2. Veronica Tee
  3. Celina Li
  1. Yini Wang
  2. Dale Ding
  3. Rui Liu

Calligraphy Winners

5-8th Grade Beginner
  1. Anna Dunnicliff
  2. Aarya Desai
  3. Sophia Heimberg
5-8th Grade Intermediate
  1. Victoria Yu
  2. Hannah Cheng
  3. Selene Luong
9-12th Grade Beginner
  1. Phoenix Vo
  2. Hillary Tran
  3. Tessa Jahnke
9-12th Grade Intermediate
  1. Amy Liu
  2. Erica Lai
  3. Katherine Wang
9-12th Grade Advanced
  1. Shine Yuan
  2. Katrina Hu
  3. Abigail Gong

Congratulations to the winners and all who participated! We hope you enjoyed this exploration of the rich traditional Chinese culture.

Special thanks to Jin Jr Shr, Mr. Li, and the panel of judges!