The Magic of Pears

Written by Katherine Wang and Cherry Ngo (Class of 2024)
Photos by Katie Finnegan (Class of 2024), Rachel Blythe, Thuy Nguyen, and Naomi Seng (Class of 2022)
Video by Rachel Blythe (Class of 2022)

October 8th was the perfect day for some leisure activities. As a school, the students were invited to the Johnson family‚Äôs Pear Orchard to take a stroll and to harvest pears. The weather was surprisingly in their favor, pleasant in its temperature, and ideal for pear picking. Everyone received the news with great excitement, ready to explore.  

At 12:45 pm, students rushed out of their classrooms eagerly as they spotted cars and vans lined up in front of the school, waiting for them to hop on. The car ride took hardly 5 minutes, which was quite disappointing to most, but shortly after, the majority were quickly distracted by the sight of the beautiful pear grove, with sunshine glinting off the leaves and juicy pears waiting to be picked.

Upon stepping into the pear grove, they immediately set off, unable to wait any longer. Between picking pears, eating them, and taking an inappropriately large amount of pictures on cameras and phones, the two hours quickly went by. When it came time to pack up and go back to school, everyone groaned in sorrow and universally wished that they could go back in time. However, as friends related their experiences, their laughter and cheerfulness soon filled the cars once again. 

Back at the school, another surprise soon came: Jin Jr Shr had ordered boba for all of them, and they spent the rest of the day happily talking and laughing. Thank you to the Johnson Family for letting us spend the afternoon in the pear grove!

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