IGDVS Reopening at Sudhana Center

Written by Claire Wang (5th Grade)

We all know what life in quarantine is  like – constant sanitizing, social distancing, Zoom meetings instead of physical school, and masks on our faces whenever we were to meet someone in person. Since March 16th, 2021, IGDVS was one of the several schools that opened its doors in a safe way to the public while in quarantine: by using Sudhana Center instead of CTTB for the education building. Physical classes resumed and more face-to-face contact was made. The teachers had a much easier time teaching the students and having them understand their concepts, and the students wouldn’t have to face technical issues like they would on Zoom.

However, because nothing is perfect, not all things turned out flawless at Sudhana Center. A year full of less social activity had made some people more independent and not willing to resume physical classes, while others did not want to wear masks all the time at school, forcing the classes into ‘hybrid’ mode – half Zoom meetings and half physical. But, although hardships are sure to come along, a good start is never worthless. And because we know how to adapt to a situation, no problem has no chance of being accomplished.

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