Celebration of the “Legen-dairy” Year of the Ox

Written by the Class of 2023

On Friday, February 12th, IGDVGS celebrated Chinese New Year. Also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, Chinese New Year is an annual celebration observed as the start of a new year on the lunar calendar. It lasts for sixteen days, starting from the day before the New Year and lasting to the fifteenth day of the new lunar month. This year is the Year of the Ox, and we are very fortunate to be able to celebrate its start with everyone.

Ahead of the celebration, festive red lanterns and Chinese knots were hung up; large “福” (blessings) characters, couplets, and even a “牛” (Ox) character composed of red envelopes decorated doors and walls. Since Chinese New Year is a time to feast and reunite with one’s family, care packages filled with Chinese couplets and delicious snacks, including pineapple cakes, crackers, and sesame treats, were also prepared for the remote students to pick up.

The celebration began with a vibrant slideshow, presented by the sophomores, introducing traditional Chinese New Year (CNY) customs, food, decorations, taboos, and more. Engaging both the remote and in-person students, an intense Kahoot game followed. Questions in the game consisted of CNY quizzes and riddles. Some questions that seemed easy had an unexpected twist which kept participants on the edge of their seats.

Springtime is all about renewal, and there’s nothing like renewal without unfolding rich legends of the past! Everyone watched a video on the story of how the animals on the zodiac came to be―a race between animals to make it on the zodiac. It may be old, but it’s gold! Another video was played, displaying the acts of a helpful ox―as it is the Year of the Ox―assisting others in need.

In addition to the events mentioned, the elementary school students graced the audience with brilliant performances. Whether they were kindergarteners or sixth graders, soloists or together, recorded or live, the songs, dances, and instrumental performances livened up our day, and everyone was amazed by their talents. The performances we saw were gifted to us by Zoey (Kindergarten), Alexander (1st grade), Sydney (2nd grade), Kelsey (3rd grade), Sherry (3rd grade), Celeste (3rd grade), Xinwen (3rd grade), Claire (5th grade), Selene (6th grade), and Tanya (7th grade).

To wrap up the festive New Year Day, students watched the Chinese New Year Gala together, learning more about Chinese culture and traditions along the way. 

We would like to wish everyone a peaceful, safe, and healthy Year of the Ox! 新年快樂!