Global Awareness

Introducing the Debate Club

Written by Iris Ng (Class of 2021)

“Honorable chair and fellow delegates, the Mock United Nations of Developing Virtue Secondary Girls School would like to propose a new plan for our extracurricular club.

This new plan consists of halting our MUN activities and beginning to explore other factors like Debate.”

Last semester, on December 12 and 13, 2020, the Model United Nations (MUN) club participated in the San Francisco MUN that was held on Gatherly, an online conferencing platform. The students spent months honing in on their writing and speaking skills to find and discuss solutions for scenarios taken from real world issues. Among the topics discussed were cyber operations, limiting nuclear proliferation and the black market, and human trafficking in Asia. 

Each delegate represented a country in different committees that handled specific global issues. For many of the students, this was their first time partaking in a MUN conference. The great amount of work required to prepare for the conference made participating in it more exhilarating and fun. Interacting and compromising issues with other delegations as they formulated resolution papers together gave the delegates a holistic Model United Nation experience.

At the end of the fall semester, the club decided to explore another pathway – debate. Instead of focusing on political and global matters, the Debate Club provides a space that challenges members to think quickly and comprehensively about ethical dilemmas, giving them an idea of the questions that they may encounter throughout their lives. 

Therefore, honorable chair and fellow delegates, please look forward to this addition to our club!”

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