Core Virtues

K-1 Students Kindness for Their Friend and Her Beloved Cat

When one of the kindergarten students burst into tears one morning, their teacher, Ms. Bemis and her classmates knew something was wrong. Raiza’s cat, Binx, got hit by a car and passed away. All the kids wanted to hug her so they did a virtual hug. One of the students said, “When we are back in school, we can give her a real hug.” Then the students drew, wrote, and talked about Binx. They were all showing kindness to a friend that really needed it at the moment. In the end, they all shared their pictures with Raiza, and you can see her smiling again. Thank you to all the K-1 students for showing kindness, and to Ms. Bemis for teaching the students a valuable lesson on kindness.

Binx was a fuzzy, midnight dark black cat with a yellow collar and two yellowish, greenish eyes. May Binx rest in peace and be reborn in the Pure Land.