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Coding for Christmas: Celebrate with a Python Card

Written by Asia Wijaya (Class of 2022) and Amy Liu (Class of 2023)

In the DVGS AP Computer Science Principles class, the sophomores and juniors created their own Christmas card drawings by coding with the Turtle module of Python. With Dr. Yu’s guidance, we started out with a basic Christmas tree, a moon, stars, and a message that said “Merry Christmas from DVGS.

Basic Python Christmas Card

After learning the fundamentals of Python, we were challenged to code our own cards as our first project. In the beginning, it was quite new to the whole class. We were amazed by how the Turtle module would display the designs being drawn in real time, step by step, when we ran our code, but there were many lessons to learn when we started out. Dr. Yu guided us patiently and inspired us to bring out our creativity by using both our left and right brains. Since it was complicated, it took us a day to understand the structure and another day to create a card. Each of us added a personal touch to our cards, adding new designs such as snowmen, Santa, and snowflakes to them.

In the end, the cards we were able to make were created through hard work, persistence, and struggle, help from both our classmates and the teacher, as well as numerous attempts. Improvements came with every new version and we tried our best to make a prettier and better Christmas card, and finally, we managed to finish it. Rachel Blythe (Class of 2022) remarked, “Although making [the] Christmas cards was very time-consuming, I was very proud of what we did as a class.” Jia Jia Ni (Class of 2022) expressed how Python was really hard, but through her experience, she discovered that the coding language could also be “artistic” — a canvas for creativity. In our perspective, it was a somewhat tiring but unique and rewarding experience.

Moving forward, we wanted to showcase our hard work. After we organized our Christmas cards into a slideshow, Dr. Yu compiled them into a video. We decided to present and display our cards to the school, since the Christmas Banquet was coming up. As our schoolmates watched, they were amazed by how such art pieces could be made through coding. “I feel pleased by the artwork. I think they spent a lot of time on that,” observed Shine Yuan (Class of 2024).

We would like to thank Dr. Yu for her constant support and guidance, allowing us to create and design our very own Christmas cards.

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