Honoring Elders Day 2020

The show must go on.

Amidst a global pandemic, Paying Tribute To Our Guardians and Envisioning the Future has never been more relevant. This year’s Honoring Elders Day celebration was an experience new to all, taking on a virtual format through Gatherly and Youtube.

With contributions from all the students at IGDVS, the digital production was broadcasted for attendees on Gatherly, a video conferencing platform, and premiered live to those joining the event on Youtube. Showcased were performances from Chinese Dance, Chinese Orchestra, dances and artwork by the elementary students, storytelling, among several others. For those who would like to watch, the full video is posted on the school’s Youtube channel and can be viewed using this link.

Commemorating our elders, teachers, healthcare workers, blue collar workers, and everyone that has impacted and continues to impact our future, the annual celebration was one that was both unique and meaningful to all.

Special thanks to all of the teachers who helped coordinate the performances and projects, our interviewees, students, and all of those who made this virtual celebration possible! Please stay safe and healthy during this time!