Academic Excellence

2020 IGDVGS Commencement Ceremony

Written by Megan Truong (Class of 2021)

Video by Iris Ng (Class of 2021)

“Before we begin, we would like to give you a little guide on how to use Zoom.”

Another school year has come to a close, in a way that was unexpected by most. Three months ago, the Class of 2020 walked out the doors of their high school classroom, with no knowledge that this would be their last in-person high school class together.

On June 4th, the students, families, and graduates of IGDVGS joined in celebration of the Class of 2020 in a memorable online commencement ceremony. With attendees from several cities across the globe, the experience was new to all. The event began with the 6th and 8th grade promotions, leading up to the graduation of the girls’ Senior Class of 2020. Together, and in a most unique way, the school wished the graduates the best of luck on their journeys beyond high school.

Congratulations to the rising 7th graders and Freshmen!

To the Class of 2020, you all have positively impacted the small community we have here. Now, soar higher and do the same for our greater world. Congratulations!