Digital Expression, Transcendent Gratitude: Teachers’ Banquet 2020

Written by Megan Truong (Class of 2021)

Video by Iris Ng (Class of 2021)

On June 3rd, IGDVGS gathered in an online meeting to congratulate its students for their achievements this school year and for its students to express their immense gratitude for their teachers. The annual event, usually held in-person, was shifted to an online format to accommodate to conditions present during this time. Nevertheless, the unique celebration was filled with much laughter and joy.

The event began with awards for the Elementary School students, followed by performances from students in each grade. The Junior High and High School students were awarded next for their academic achievements and improvements in the past school year.

As the awards came to a close, the 7th-12th graders streamed performances and held activities that they had prepared–the Junior High with an original skit, the Freshmen with a Pipa solo and an acrostic poem, the Sophomores and Juniors with two online games, and the Seniors with a self-produced video–to show their appreciation for everything that the teachers have done for them this year. Additional performances included were presented by individual students and the Chinese Orchestra club.

The school also congratulated Dr. Victoria Patterson on her retirement, in appreciation for the many years she has dedicated to teaching here at DVGS. Dr. Patterson has taught multiple courses with patience and understanding for her students, constantly assuring them with warm words of encouragement.

With our utmost sincerity, thank you to all of our teachers who have worked tirelessly to educate us, even during this difficult time!

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