In Memoriam: A Beloved Teacher and Friend

By Megan Truong (Class of 2021)

A month has gone by since the passing of our beloved teacher, Heng Bin Shi, but the many memories we have shared with her continue to burn passionately in our hearts.

Throughout her several decades of teaching here at IGDVS, Heng Bin Shi inspired her students to work tirelessly to achieve their goals and supported them in all of their dreams. 

A few of her former students share their thoughts and memories:

“She was the best teacher I ever had and I am glad to have been in her class for two years,” says Katherine Wang (8).

Katie Finnegan (8) expresses her gratitude, “Heng Bin Shi was more than a teacher; she changed my life. And because of this, I feel an obligation to tell her story because she helped me write mine.”

“She was a great teacher who always made her classes fun and worthwhile. I will always remember her,” says Reina Pittman (9).

Heng Bin Shi worked endlessly to provide her students with the most enjoyable learning environment that she could create, and her devotion to her passion in teaching influenced the strong work ethic of many of those that were able to experience it.

“She always put the best effort into everything she did, no matter what it was,” says Hailey Luong (10).

Heng Bin Shi always kept herself occupied, and as Moniques Nguyen (11) reminisces, “She has always been devoted to teaching and tending to our needs, and never seemed to have time to truly rest.”

“Heng Bin Shi did her best to make the courses interesting and useful for the future,” says Emily Van (C/O 2019), “her classes were truly memorable.”

Brisa Yepez (C/O 2019) recalls: “She was patient with me in ways I couldn’t comprehend, and the longer I was graduated from her class, the more I truly appreciated her. There isn’t a day I don’t think about her and how I wish I had asked her more about herself. I am truly grateful for the time I was able to spend with her.”

“My fondest memory of Heng Bin Shi was her utmost diligence and patience in creating a space where students were able to learn and have fun at the same time. Her classes were well-planned and have impacted me in ways I am truly grateful for,” says Kusali Kandahsari (C/O 2018).

Though she may not be here with us today, with utmost admiration and gratitude, her presence lives on in all of those she has helped and influenced.

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