Ukiah Chinese New Year Festival

—DVBS Archive Team—

Photos by: Richard Shieh-Yan (11)

Recording by: Alan Seng (10)

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After our own celebrations on our own campus, it was time to extend our festivities to the greater Ukiah community. On Saturday, January 25th, the Boy’s School students loaded up their equipment and departed for Alex Thomas Plaza in downtown Ukiah. The drumming and orchestra performances occurred under the pavilion, while the dragon dance withstood the pouring rain and performed out on the field. Xin Hung Chan (11) and Alston Liu (10) prepared a short lion dance routine where they threw candy to the youths present. “Big Boss” Ziyang Ng (8) and his worker Nuoyan Wang (11) set up a Chinese souvenir booth. All in all, the boys succeeded in all four performances, and Ziyang’s group fundraised over $300. Good job and thank you to everyone!

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Video by: Alan Seng (10) + Marvin Wang (12) + Nuoyan Wang (11)

Music: I Love The Sky — Priscilla Abby

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Special thanks to Mr. Yan, Mr. Kellerman, and Mr. Gan for organizing and driving for the event. Thank you to Mrs. Lau for providing the items for the fundraiser. Thank you to Ziyang and his helpers Nuoyan, Owen, Richard, Jetsada, and others for helping at the fundraiser booth. And to Don for the DJI video camera.

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DVBS Archive Team

February 3, 2020