Global Awareness

Dinner for All

Written and photographed by Thuy Nguyen (Class of 2022)

The Girls’ School recently collaborated with Plowshares a second time to prepare a special meal for the local community. This time the theme of the dinner was Chinese New Year!

On Saturday, January 26, the girls set out in the early afternoon to begin the necessary steps in order to make the dinner successful. The menu was all set: fried noodles, seasoned tofu, mushrooms, green beans, vegetable pancakes, baked potatoes, broccoli, carrots, sweet red bean soup, and vegan cakes. As the members worked diligently, the dishes on the menu were finished one by one.

With much trial and error, the freshly cooked entrees were ready to be served. Soon, a mouth-watering fragrance filled the air. The doors opened, and the girls welcomed the guests into the festive hall, where smiles and thanks were given.

After a long, productive day, the members finished up by cleaning, and they returned home with gratitude for the fulfilling experience.

Special thanks to Plowshares, and much gratitude to Ms. Ashley and Ms. Rita for being our knowledgeable kitchen advisers and wonderful drivers!