WinterFest 2019

-DVBS Archive Team-

Written by: Marvin Wang (Class of 2020)

Photos by: Richard Shieh (11) + Alan Seng (10) + Marvin Wang (12)

Recording by: Alan Seng (10) + Richard Shieh (11) + Nuoyan Wang (11)

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On a warm winter morning, sleepy students meandered through their morning classes. The drowsy mood dissipated with an abnormal intake of sugar from candy canes, chocolate, and other snacks. WinterFest had begun, and a delicious meal prepared by the dining hall volunteers, Mrs. Bostick, and some students was brought forth. The orchestra orchestrated an orchestral performance, the younger students sang festive songs, and everyone enjoyed taking pictures with Santa (Nuoyan). The event was concluded with a short and sweet celebration of Giridhari’s 18th birthday. What a great day. 😛

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Santa’s Gallery ❤
(Nuoyan wishes to express his embarrassment, for his role as Santa was not his personal choice).

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Video Recap :

(Full screen and sound on!)

Video by: Nuoyan Wang (11)

Music: Show Yourself – Idina Menzel, Evan Rachel Wood (Frozen II Soundtrack) 😉

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Special thanks to everyone who supported the event and made it possible, especially those who helped provide the amazing food for all the students, parents, and teachers! Another thank you to Mrs. Bostick, who dedicated great effort in bringing delicious food to the students.

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DVBS Archive Team

December 6, 2019