Core Virtues

Harmony Through the Students’ Lenses

By Iris Ng (Class of 2021)

In the last school year, the Developing Virtue Girls School came together to paint a beautiful mural on the topic of “How does harmony look like to you?”. The entire school spent the afternoon making sketches of harmony in their own perspective with the paint brushes jammed to the music played at the back, giving life to fishes, butterflies, dragon, cities, trees, and a unicorn under the guidance of Tim Poma, our mural instructor. Then, we put up the sketches on the mirror in the Chan Hall, brainstorming ideas on how to piece all those sketches together. It was a long and memorable process but we managed to finish it at last. 

The second phase of this project was to put our design on a 10 feet by 10 feet board using a projector and multiple hands. Every Thursday after school, the mural underwent changes from a white blank board to a board filled with sketches—a board that captured all of the students’ imagination and ideas. Before they knew it, the mural was complete. It was an exquisite and magical piece of art, as all of the students had contributed one way or another into the mural. 

They proudly presented their finished product during the teachers’ banquet. The mural is now hung up on the school wall and is currently featured on the front cover of the school’s planner. Students remarked, “Every time we look at this piece of art, it would always remind us of the beauty in harmony and how lucky we are to be living a harmonious lifestyle.”

Lastly, the students would like to give a big thanks to Tim Poma who guided us through the whole journey of creating the mural. Not only did he work patiently with students, but he also gave them great ideas on executing this huge 10 feet by 10 feet project. Thank you once again!

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