Global Awareness

Hit the Road: A Lesson in Distracted Driving

By Kaitlin Harness (Class of 2022)

On April 29th, Officer Marin Olegario came to DVGS to give a talk on distracted driving and how to avoid it. Officer Marin went through a slideshow and played videos which gave tragic examples of occurrences where distracted driving ended fatally. The tips he gave included: always wearing a seat belt correctly, never using an electronic while driving, and keeping your eyes on the road.

Along with his talk on distracted driving, Officer Marin also informed the students on how to get a driver’s license or permit. He gave them information on when to apply for a driver’s permit, how to apply, and the way the training process takes place. Officer Marin told them about curfew rules, passenger regulations, and even explained how car insurance policies work.

Students all walked away from the talk knowing more about car safety and license application. Eventually, all of us will enter the world of cars and having this information with us will help us become safer drivers.