Freshmen Trip to Lake Shasta Caverns

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Written by: Sam Yap (Class of 2022) + Nuoyan Wang (Class of 2021)

Photos by: Alston Liu (9th) + Jetsada Johnson (9th)

Video by: Alan Seng (9th) + Alston Liu (9th)

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Stalactites and stalagmites. These natural formations in the Shasta Caverns are made of limestone, a carbonate sedimentary rock commonly used as concrete and mortar. When it rains, calcium salt deposits seep through the cavern roof, forming these icicle-looking protrusions一some of which have combined together to form a column. These natural structures grow only about a cubic inch every 100 years, making it an accurate guideline for geologists to predict the age of the surrounding environment.

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05/01/2019. The 600-step climb up the Lake Shasta Caverns can be viewed as a challenge to many. But we, the Boys Freshman class of 2022, undertook it nonetheless, and upon doing so, realized that it was definitely worth it. Furthermore, before even beginning on the hike, we had already enjoyed a boat ride across the placid Lake Shasta, followed by a scenic bus ride up the mountain to the visitor centre.

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Video Recap:

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DVBS Archive Team

May 6, 2019

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