Global Awareness

On The Air

By Kaitlin Harness (Class of 2022) with DVGS Editorial

On March 23, our freshman class participated in hosting a session of the ongoing Developing Virtue Radio Hour on KMEC FM 105.1, the radio station for the Mendocino Environmental Center in Ukiah, California. Before the show, we gathered at Schat’s Bakery downtown  to rehearse and revise the script.

Then, we went live on the air at the radio station, talking about global issues and how people can help to resolve them. The topics discussed were: technology addiction, gun control, racism, parental abduction, child labor, and child soldiers. Many of us were nervous, as it was our first time being on the radio. However, excitement soon replaced nerves and everyone did well; the show was a success.

The goal of the show was to bring awareness to the various global issues that affect our lives and the lives of others, and to give students a chance to openly express their concerns around these issues. The freshmen hope that their show will help people create a more harmonious and ethical society. They spent months preparing for the show in their Ethics class taught by Ms. Lee and Ms. Justice, not to mention the vast amounts of research that went into every minute spent live. After the show, we rounded it off with lunch and laughter.

Thank you, KMEC, for giving us the opportunity to do these events!

Please visit their website at to hear the podcast recording of the show.

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Photographers: Rachel Blythe and Thuy Nguyen (Class of 2022)