A Winter Walk

-DVBS Archive Team-

Written by : Alston Liu (Class of 2022)

Photos by: Alston Liu (9th) + Alan Seng (9th)

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“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”  -Sir Edmund Hillary

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02/07/2019. Our excited freshmen class longed for the hike on Lower Cow Mountain. Individually, many of us would have never agreed to go on this hike; yet, we managed to convince each other to embark on a class trip, and so, we went.

As the wobbly 20-minute ride progressed, traces of snow gradually began to appear. Upon arrival, we enthusiastically hopped off the van and painted each other white with snow. Soon, we realized the potential of frostbite, so we took a food break. After a light snack-delicious Taco Bell bought by Mr. Justin Hu-we began our tiresome hike. After soaking our shoes and slipping a couple hundred times, we finally reached our destination: the waterfall. We finished our food and took a class photo, before climbing the side of the waterfall to get back to our original trail. Exhausted, most of us wanted to head back to CTTB, but a field trip without meaning is no field trip at all. Thus, we were instructed to each pick up and dispose of ten shotgun shells-a small act of kindness for our community.

It was a quick field trip, but the hike helped relieve our stress, and improved the brotherhood amongst our class.

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“A walk in nature walks the soul back home.”  -Mary Davis

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DVBS Archive Team

February 8, 2019

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