Core Virtues

At the Radio Station

By Iris Ng (class of 2021)

When the sophomores from Developing Virtue Girls School (DVGS) stepped into the KMEC station on October 25th, it was like entering a whole new different world. The radio was playing by the window while the paintings and posters came alive. The friendly faces and environment that greeted them lessened their anxiety to speak on the radio, but it was still nerve-wracking as it was their first time being in a live broadcast.

The mission for their interview on the live radio show was to promote the practice of filial piety and respect toward elders. During their English class with Dr. Patterson, the sophomores had discussed and explored the virtue of respect and filial piety in depth and read books like Bless Me, Ultima and Two Old Women that have elders as the protagonists.

Since the elders were the ones who had sacrificed greatly to benefit the world and had impacted the younger generation immensely, they deserve respect. To express their gratitude toward the elders, DVGS students, in collaboration with DVGS sophomores are interviewed by the KMEC host Alicia Littletree. (AHUV), hosted an Honoring Elders event at the hospital on October 28th, in addition to the yearly Honoring Elders Day event in the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas on November 3rd. The host asked the sophomores about their school and upcoming honoring elders events that the DVGS students would be hosting and performing. They found courage to speak despite initial nervousness.

DVGS sophomores are interviewed by the KMEC host Alicia Littletree.

“It was a valuable experience as we had the opportunity to enhance our public speaking skills and advocate the importance of virtues such as filial piety and respect,” reflected Siyan, a sophomore. Megan, another sophomore, added that she and her eight classmates did a great job in the end.