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Previously, the Boy School posts on our website were made by few students, with little to no support. So, in order to ameliorate the efficiency and improve the quality of these posts, this year’s Associated Student Council prompted the formation of the team. In conjunction with the Yearbook Club, the common goal of preserving memories and sharing experiences was made much easier.

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Led by Nuoyan Wang, the 14 members of the Archive Team are divided amongst three main departments: articles, media, and media editing. Juniors Bo Han Zhu and Marvin Wang are in charge of completing the articles, while seniors Jacky Zheng and Gwynn Lim lead the photographers. Bangyang Qiu and Alan Seng take countless videos, which are then compiled and edited by Zhidao Leeroybruce and Chee Hee Seng, making the final component of a post. 

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Archive Team:

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  • (12th) Chee Hee Seng: Video, Editor
  • (12th) Jacky Zheng: Photo
  • (12th) Gwynn Lim: Photo
  • (12th) Bangyang Qiu: Video
  • (11th) Marvin Wang: Photo, Writer
  • (11th) Bo Han Zhu: Writer
  • (11th) Marco He: Writer
  • (11th) Zhidao Leeroybruce: Video, Editor
  • (10th) Nuoyan Wang: Leader, Photo, Writer
  • (10th) William Wang: Photo
  • (10th) Richard Shieh-Yan: Photo
  • (10th) Myren Allen: Photo
  • (9th) Alan Seng: Video
  • (9th) Alston Liu: Photo, Video

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We hope you enjoy and continue following up on our posts!

Thank You!

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-DVBS Archive Team-

December 12, 2018

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