AP Robotics

From the finishing of AP Physics exams to the end of school, there is nearly a month. What do the students do? Watching science movies every day? The brave AP Physics C Mechanics and AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism boys chose to tame some robotics with Arduino microcontroller, though most of them had never learned any computer programming before.

Four groups of students in twos and threes tried to learn Arduino hardware and software by assembling, testing and eventually controlling a small three-wheeled car. They would not have enjoyed this first attempt in Robotics had it not for the expertise and patience of Spike Morelli, who had once worked for the Google.

A few lucky ones were rewarded the excitement of seeing their “dumb, blind, and stubborn” robots finally did what they wanted them to do. Even those who did not get to complete their construction had learned something about coding and hardware.


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