Earth Day 2018

by Leanna Duong (Class of 2018)

Developing Virtue Girls School was so lucky to have spend Earth Day with special guests from ServiceSpace. The morning started with music from Nimo and Fab from an organization called ServiceSpace, singing along to “Planting Seeds” a favorite among the majority of our school.

IMG_3220 IMG_3237

Some lyrics from this beloved song includes:


Whatever grows will grow

Whatever dies will die

Whatever works will work

Whatever flies will fly

Whatever fails will fail

What’s meant to soar will soar

We are planting seeds, nothing more


For lunch, both the students and guests had a picnic on the lawn.

IMG_3256 IMG_3445

Then Nimo and friends hosted an Awakin Circle, sharing their life experiences with the 10th-12th graders.

Afterward, Cathy Monroe came to speak about her conservation efforts in the community and the importance of planting certain flowers to maintain the normal level of bee populations.

Lastly the students hosted an outdoor Earth Day Fair to end the day, complete with vegan hot dogs and recycled can-art stands.