3rd International AiMusic Festival

By: Nuoyan Wang (Class of 2021)

Photos by: Mr. John Liu + Nuoyan Wang (9th grade) + Marvin Wang (10th grade)

Video by: Mr. John Liu + Alston Liu (8th grade) 


Music. A medium of art transcending all barriers. An intangible form of expression bringing harmony and joy to all.  It speaks directly to our souls, in a language understood by all       the language of emotion. It expresses what cannot be said in words. Part of every culture, every background, it serves a part in each of our lives. Nonetheless, music varies differently depending on where it’s from, and thus, we gathered at the International AiMusic Festival to celebrate these differences.

“If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer.”    Confucius.

.                  .                 .

At 5:30 AM, it all began.

Before daybreak on April 28th, the students from the DVBS Orchestra gathered together in the CTTB orchestra room and departed for San Jose. Upon arrival, the orchestra unloaded their instruments and were seated within the resplendent Trianon Theatre. Awaiting their performance, the Developing Virtue students enjoyed music and dance from other orchestras, including the AiMusic School, Youth Orchestra Silicon Valley, and Sound of Joy Community Band.

And then it was time.

Led by conductor Bohan Zhu (10th grade), the DVBS Orchestra ascended the stage and performed their ensemble of five songs       the fifth of which was led by flutist Marco He (10th grade). This piece, Transporting Grain on Horses 揚鞭催馬運糧忙, was delivered magnificently, and concluded the show on a strong note, literally.

Following the finale, all the performers from all the orchestras joined the DVBS Orchestra on stage for a group photo.

And then it was over.

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Event organizer and emcee Mr. Gordon Lee


AiMusic School Chinese Orchestra


Event conclusion: DVBS Orchestra


AiMusic Festival Performers


The senior orchestra members pose after their final AiMusic Festival performance


Video Recap:



Special thanks to Mr. Chen Wei Hung, Dr. Koay, Mr. John Liu, and Mr. Gan for driving such a long distance for us.

Special thanks to Mr. Gordon Lee and Mr. Gan for making this event possible.

May 1, 2018