OMCA Lunar New Year Celebration

By: Austin Quach (CO 2018) + Jacky Zheng (CO 2019) + Marvin Wang (CO 2020)
Photos By: Jacky Zheng (11) + Nuoyan Wang (9) + Marvin Wang (10) 
                   + Gwynn Lim (11) + Austin Quach (12) + Tony Yap (12)
On the 24th of March, members of the Lion, Dragon, and Drumming clubs traveled to the Oakland Museum of California for an annual Lunar New Year celebration. That evening, students practiced for numerous hours, perfecting their (already) spectacular upcoming performances.
After the lengthy day of rehearsals, everyone went to sleep eager to display the routines they’ve worked so hard to master. They woke up Sunday morning ready to perform. At their respective booths, they sold lanterns, origami dogs, t-shirts, and recycled art consisting of both peacocks and lanterns. An ensuing collage of performances included Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, 24 Seasons Drumming, and Chinese Orchestra. In addition to those, other groups of performers exhibited their talent in Taiko Drumming, Martial Arts, Chinese Yo-Yo, and K-Pop Dance. Upon the conclusion of the very last performance, the students packed up and returned back to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas once more.
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Saturday Rehearsal


DVBS Booth


Lion Dance





Post-Performance Photoshoot


24 Seasons Drumming



Dragon Dance


DVBS Chinese Orchestra with Berkeley Monastery Representatives



Taiko Drumming by Jiten Daiko


Foothill High School Chinese Yo-Yo Club


UC Berkeley KPG (Korean Performance Group)

KPG teaches Likey dance to the energetic crowd



Vovinam by Vovinam America


Special thanks to our drivers and Niem Phat Duong Monastery for hosting our stay.


March 7, 2018