PTO Welcome-back Picnic

Class essay by 7th Grade students

On September 3, 2016, Saturday, many parents, teachers, and students attended the PTO welcome-back picnic at the Developing Virtue Girls Secondary School. As everyone gathered in the Chan Hall, there was an introduction by four women from Alliance Redwoods. They started off by introducing themselves and telling the students about their jobs. There were fun games to help students work together as a team, as in a game where students hold pipe sections while a ball is rolled along the pipe sections and is dropped into a container. Activities were arranged by age-group with the purpose of building and developing teamwork, leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Students had an opportunity to hold and interact with geckoes, turtles, and other reptiles and learn about their habitats. The experience was new and amazing for the students. They all enjoyed taking turn to hold these living creatures, talked about their favorite gecko, and about having one themselves. Learning about these creatures and their habitats in the eco-system made them realize that “we need to make a change” to help the environment.

The picnic on the front lawn was a nice setting for everyone to meet and get to know each other to start off the school year.2016-pto-picnic-event_art3

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