IGDVS Compassion Gala

Written by Hailey Tran and Shine Yuan (Class of 2024) and the DVGS Editorial Team
Photos by Erica Lai (Class of 2024) and Amy Liu (Class of 2023)

On the sparkling afternoon of February 17, an array of delectable food and lively activities decked the streets, as the sound of cheerful music filled the air. “Compassion” was the theme, as the proceeds of the booths were going towards many non-profit organizations, including humanitarian efforts for the recent Syrian earthquakes.

Near the entrance was a booth hosted by the Community Service Club, where the scent of warm Vietnamese tangyuan and festive chocolate-covered strawberries appealed to passersby. Across the path, the collaborative booth between the Children of the World Club and Her Dreams Matter displayed delicious homemade Liangfen, along with a variety of drinks and appetizing spicy Korean tteokbokki (a collab with Dr. Kim).

Additionally, there were brownies, vanilla cake, chocolate chip cookies, and peach tea made by the Junior High students. On a savory note, the booth across from them arranged platters of rice with tom yum soup, fries with scrumptious chili, as well as vegetarian fried fish cakes.

The rabbit booth stood invitingly on the grass for everyone to pet the school bunny. Beyond the first half of the booths, there was also a face-painting booth, and an array of cute knitted artwork by the elementary school students.

Creative decoration sets and props were displayed at the photo booth with a vibrant blue theme that matched the color of the sky. There, the moments of joy and compassion were immortalized in the lively photographs. Everyone left with a smile on their face, a stomach full of treats, and a glow from sharing with those in need.

Donations received are as follows:

Her Dreams Matter (for education for Haitian girls) $166
Children Of The World (for education for Ugandan children) $166
Community Service Club (for local charities and the Ukiah Plowshares community dining center) $130
Face Painting  $20
Photo Booth  $29
Korean Rice Cake Booth (for HDM and COTW) $312
IGDVS Booth (for the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria) $206
Rabbit Booth (for the IGDVS rabbit) $6
Junior High Booth (for humanitarian efforts in Syria) $131