Core Virtues

Waffles and Wisdom: A Day of Compassion

The heart-warming smell of homemade pancakes and waffles wafted through the air as the students of IGDVS eagerly made their way to school. A team of students had begun making waffles early in the morning for all to enjoy, as it was a day to celebrate compassion — February 14.

Besides the delicious breakfast, the students were also looking forward to a talk by Ms. Carol Ruth Silver, Freedom Rider and one of the founders of IGDVS. Telling her vibrant stories in an animated and powerful way, Ms. Silver imparted wisdom and encouragement as she detailed her experiences during and after the Freedom Rides. She stressed the importance of education and exposure to the world’s diversity, as well as the value of compassion and reflection in reacting to adverse situations.

We are grateful to Ms. Carol Ruth Silver for taking time to meet with us and offer her insights and experiences!