Holiday Magic at IGDVS

Written by Phoenix Vo and Hillary Tran (Class of 2023)
Photos by Erica Lai (Class of 2024) and Amy Liu (Class of 2023)

With a bustling atmosphere of student chatter, holiday tunes, and laughter, IGDVS was prepared for the festivities to begin. Students and faculty mingled around the side of the school, where winter decorations and red picnic tables set the scene for the festive banquet. The Winter Banquet promised class performances, music, and scrumptious food: spring rolls, fried noodles, sushi, stir-fried veggies, pomegranate pops, and more.

The event commenced with a lovely Christmas carol medley performed by the Chinese Orchestra, which included “Joy to the World,” “Silent Night,” and “Jingle Bells.” Next, the junior high students covered the song “When We’re Together” from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. Though their tune was created by a snowman, their voices warmed the audience, bringing smiles onto the faces of teachers and fellow classmates alike.

Afterwards, the freshmen performed a cover of “Valley of Lies” by Tomorrow X Together, walking through a journey of overcoming adversity, which was timely for the approaching new year. Then, the sophomore trio performed an endearing cover of “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana, bringing a summer-like warmth to the cold winter day. 

With the audience filled with laughter, excitement, and food, everyone eagerly awaited the final performance: the Senior Magic Show that brought holiday cheer and a glimmer of enchantment. The card tricks, illusions, and mind-reading demonstrations kindled wonder and surprise as the magicians interacted with the audience. As the last performance, the seniors ended the Winter Banquet with the sound of joyous laughter and cheers for the promise of a great holiday and a happy new year.

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