Field Trip to Plowshares

Written by Xinwen Zhang (6th grader), Photos by Mrs. Cai

With a sharp turn, the big red car filled with chaos suddenly quieted as the 6th graders arrived at Plowshares. Ms. Cai turned off the engine.

“We’re here!” Somebody shouted joyfully.

Ms. Mark greeted the manager at the parking lot, and we were led into the building.

The manager gave us a brief introduction about Plowshares. We learned that they cooked meals daily for anyone in need, and that there were other services like haircuts and giving out conventional items. 

We prepared some gifts for Plowshares. Since it was almost Halloween, we delivered some cards that the whole elementary school had taken part in making. Some lucky seniors even got a lollipop!

After learning and seeing some different parts of Plowshares, including the kitchen and dining area, we got to tour one other place, the walk-in refrigerator! While inside the walk-in refrigerator, one of the employees demonstrated how to open the door if we ever got locked inside. 

Following our incredible tour of Plowshares, we sat back in their backyard and had a hearty lunch each of us had brought from home. 

We thank Ms. Mark, Ms. Cai, Jin Jr Shr, Ms. Miao, and all the other teachers who helped make our first field trip of the year possible.