2022 Pumpkin Fest

Written by Hannah Cheng (Class of 2027), Emily Tan (Class of 2026), and the DVGS Editorial Team
Photos and Film by Ms. Julie An (Chinese Dance advisor), Ms. Kravitz, Ms. Phi, Ms. Wang, and Ashley Dong (Class of 2025)

On October 15, 2022, the students of DVGS were excited to perform at the Pumpkin Fest, an annual celebration in downtown Ukiah. Amidst the colorful fall foliage, a variety of thrilling rides and booths greeted them, as hundreds of people streamed past, enjoying the sunny afternoon.

At the IGDVS booth, the girls met up with their dance and music teachers and began preparing for the performances; the dancers slipped on their flats and the saxophone player warmed up.

At 1pm, after a short opening speech by the dance leader, the performances commenced. Set to a lyrical soundtrack, the traditional Chinese umbrella dance mesmerized the rapidly growing audience, as the eight graceful dancers wove in and out of formation. Towards the end of the performance, elements of the Guan Yin dance of ten thousand hands was creatively incorporated.

Next came a saxophone rendition of “Hit the Road Jack,” performed by Cherry Ngo (Class of 2024). Skillfully maneuvering the windy conditions, she brought joy to everyone with her upbeat, groovy musical offering.

After an encore dance performance, the girls were ready to explore the festival. The bakery, ice cream shop, and exhilarating rides were all met with enthusiasm. After an hour of fun, the girls reconvened at the school booth and headed home, full of delightful memories of the Pumpkin Fest.