PTO Camping Trip

Written by Celeste Zhou (5th Grader)
Photos by Mr. Sandel (PTO President)

Towards the end of summer break on August 12-14,  PTO hosted an IGDVS camping trip at Bushay Campground. The event was a great success with families asking to have one every summer. 

On the first night, four families arrived at the campsite. The next day, it was sunny and clear. Some families went paddleboarding, swimming, and kayaking in Mendocino Lake. The water was clear and just the right temperature; small fish darted back and forth through the ripples. The current was strong in some parts yet gentle in others. It was the perfect day.

The Potluck Picnic

Lots of families came for the potluck picnic. The food was great and there was a baking contest. The treats included muddy marshmallow paws, confetti cake, magical Oreo, peach cobbler, and more. The winners of the contest were peach cobbler as third place by Tanya , magical Oreo as second place by Brad, and confetti cake as first place by Sanford.

After the potluck, one family had a campfire, and the other families came over to enjoy the fire and some marshmallows. The next morning everyone cleaned up and left the campsite. It was a wonderful two days of being outdoors with the IGDVS community. We look forward to another camping adventure soon!