Sports Day

Written by Jasleen Chiem (Class of 2027) and Heidi Blythe (Class of 2022)
Photos by Erica Lai (Class of 2024) and Amy Liu (Class of 2023)
Video by Erica Lai (Class of 2024)

It was a bright and blazing afternoon and the sky was sprinkled with whimsical white clouds. The students changed into their P.E uniforms and broke into two teams, the Dragons and the Phoenixes, excited for the games to begin.

First came a medley relay. Representatives from the two teams competed in different legs of the race, including a three-legged race, a speed race, and a hopscotch portion. At the very end, players jump onto the back of another teammate in order to grab a small hanging mochi packet with their mouth. It was a close game, as the teams were evenly matched and everyone tried their best, but the Dragons ended up claiming the win for the first event of Sports Day.

Next, the teams made their way over to the basketball court, discussing their plans for the next match. After an intense basketball game with many turnovers and steals, the Phoenixes emerged victorious.

After two rounds of basketball, everyone was worn out but the thought of soccer kept them going. A short break brought back the students’ energy as they refilled on water and relaxed under the shade. With the hot weather and intense workout, the students took necessary mask breaks.

An energetic soccer game ensued with loud cheers from the sidelines whenever the ball neared the goal. Although the Dragons got the first point, the Phoenixes caught up quickly and pushed ahead.

The highly-anticipated final game of Sports Day was tug-of-war. The two teams braced themselves and pulled with all their strength, their hands feeling on fire. The game ended quickly with the Dragons team overpowering the Phoenixes.

After a brief celebration, the girls rushed to enjoy refreshing boba drinks, their reward in the hot, sweaty weather. Cooling down, the students looked forward to the next field day.