Seagulls, Sushi, and the Sun House 

Written by Kirsten Chen, Celina Li, Ashley Dong (Class of 2025), and the Editorial Team
Photography by Amy Liu (Class of 2023), Rachel Blythe and Thuy Nguyen (Class of 2022)
Video by Rachel Blythe (Class of 2022)

It was a perfect spring day as the students of DVGS embarked on their expedition to Lake Mendocino for a relaxing picnic and an engaging visit to the Sun House of the Grace Hudson Museum.

Around 11 o’clock, the students arrived at the lake, and as the tranquil landscape came into view, a gentle breeze blew against their hair. Stepping on the soft sand, they heard the euphonious sound of  birds chattering, and amidst the joyful laughter, the girls felt that the spring breeze had blown away all their worries.

Matching the carefree atmosphere, the students took many cheerful photos and before they knew it, lunch had arrived. There were mouth-watering stir-fry noodles, donut holes, sushi, soda, and more.

Too soon, it was time to head to their next destination, the Sun House of the Grace Hudson Museum. The sun gleamed brightly as they arrived, and they were welcomed into the spacious but homey museum. Touring the different exhibits, the students learned about the stories behind Grace Hudson’s exquisite portraits of the Pomo Indians, as well as some of her early paintings and still-lifes.

After admiring the lifelike paintings, examining meticulously crafted baskets with awe, and exploring the interactive elements, the students reluctantly learned that it was time to go. And although the day’s journey had come to an end, the tranquility of the lake and vitality of the museum lingered in their hearts.

Special thanks to Jin Jr Shr, our teacher chaperones, and Ms. Boge, the museum curator!