Core Virtues

2021 IGDVS Teachers’ Day Celebration

Written by the Class of 2023

Photos by Thuy Nguyen and Naomi Seng (Class of 2022)

Video by Hillary Tran (Class of 2023)

Organized by the junior class, the annual Teachers’ Day celebration was held on the school front lawn on September 24th, 2021. After a year of distance learning, being able to celebrate together in person with the entire school was a great blessing. Autumn is the season of harvest and gratitude, and on this lovely autumn day, we expressed our gratitude towards teachers and mentors.

The delicious food was prepared by many loving hands, from Heng Dzu Shr to the juniors and seniors. Each teacher received a mini bento box, which included an orange, biscuits, a mooncake, and cream cheese rolls. During the event, the teachers also received goodies such as cinnamon rolls and drinks such as coffee and sparkling water. Everyone was able to enjoy the treats as performances from each grade began.

The thrilling class performances began with the junior high students, who presented the teachers with a wonderful parody of the song “Way Back Home’ by Shaun. The freshmen’s heart-warming cover of “You Are My Sunshine” by Jasmine Thompson further brightened the mood, and a moving poem by the sophomore class put into words the gratitude that all the students felt.

Next, the juniors parodied “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities, and the senior class wrapped everything up with a hilarious musical featuring a medley of songs, expressive acting, and dance! Each class put a lot of effort into these spectacular performances and it was all worth it as we were able to make our teachers laugh and smile.

As an added bonus, the junior class kept the audience engaged between every performance with fun trivia questions about their teachers, such as “What’s the color of the N95 mask Dr. Yu wore on Wednesday?” and “If Ms. Wang was a fruit, what would she be?” Last but not least, senior Yoyo Ji performed a tear-jerking rendition of Taylor Swift’s “The Best Day” with heartfelt, self-written lyrics depicting her feelings about her last year at DVGS.

Thank you teachers for all your hard work and dedication; we truly appreciate it.