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Our Mendocino County Science Fair Project

Written by Selene Luong and Josette Hanneken (6th Grade)

This project started in October 2020 when we were making a science project for our
school’s science expo. We were very interested in which places in our house were the
dirtiest. Therefore, we did some research to find different ways to see which places in our
house is the dirtiest. We found an experiment to do, started to make our project, ordered
all the materials that we needed, and got to work.

You might be wondering how we did our project. Well, first we made an agar solution
and poured it into petri dishes. Then, we put it in the fridge and let it cool for an hour.
After it cooled, we used cotton swabs, dipped them in water and tested the areas in
Josette’s house. Later, we put the petri dishes in a cardboard box and put the box in a
closet. After three days, Josette took them out of the closet to observe the petri dishes to
see what it looked like. Once the week was over, we met up at Selene’s house to look
over the results and took pictures for our project.

A little while after, we presented it to the school. Then in February of 2021, we heard
about the Mendocino County Science Fair through our science teacher, Ms. Wang, and
went back to work.. We fixed up our project, signed up for the science fair, and waited to
see if we got an award. We waited a week and found out that we got an award for Ribbon
of Superior!

Mendocino Science Fair Award Ceremony on Youtube (Award Announcement)

Germs In Your House Project Slides