Student Work

2nd-4th Grade 2021 New Year’s Activity

Written by Kelsey Lee (3rd Grade)

We all walked into the new year, 2021, with joy and happiness. We celebrated by having fun with our family members and friends. We said goodbye to the coronavirus and said hi to healthiness. 

Like in Ms. Yee’s 2nd-4th grade classes, we had fun by doing an activity to think about goals and interests for the new year. We made a flip book that says “2021”, and under every number is a sentence. Under the first 2, it asks us to think about two new things we would like to learn. Under the second number, which is 0, it asks us to change a bad habit. Under the second 2, it tells us to think of two kind things we will do. Under the last number, 1, it tells us to think about one thing that we are interested in for school.

For every number, we colored them with all sorts of colors. They all looked very colorful and attractive. Some students made their numbers into real flowers, palm trees, the sun, carrots, and other things that we see a lot in our daily lives.

2nd Graders
Some 2nd graders shared their thoughts. For example, Iris said, “I want to learn Chinese.” Lucy also mentioned, “I want to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels.” Zacari offered, “I will help my mom with the dishes.” Danica said, “I will be kind to my chickens.” The 2nd graders liked coloring in the numbers, and their flip books came out spectacular.

3rd Graders
In 3rd grade, Sahara wrote: “I am interested in math.” Sherry said, “I want to make more cookies.” Yasoda said “I am interested in art.”  You could tell many of the 3rd graders love nature because a lot of their colorings are illustrations of nature. For example, Celeste’s drawing has a palm tree and water. Kelsey’s has a lot of grass, and Sherry has a cute little flower in her “0”! 

4th Graders
The 4th graders made flip books like the 2nd and 3rd graders did, and they shared their thoughts too. Soraya said, “I want to learn to play the piano.” Aarya mentioned, “I want to learn how to cook simple meals.” Xinwen hopes to adopt a pet from the animal shelter. The 4th graders’ numbers looked real. Some are rainbow numbers, some are carrot numbers. Everyone was very creative and they all made their numbers look real and colorful!

We all had fun making our flip books and sharing with each other. Although we are not together at the school, we still enjoyed each other’s company very much. And I wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!