Core Virtues

The Wonders of Spring

“Love the world as your own self; then you can truly care for all things.”

Lao Tzu

Celeste Zhou shares her warm encounter with two quail during her evening stroll:

One evening, I went out for a walk and I saw two quail perched on a fence, but I heard some other noise. The two quail flew away to somebody’s yard and I carefully looked down at the grass. There were three baby quail! I first just watched them, but then their mom and dad kept chirping as if they were calling them, so I wanted to help. 

I found a gap in the fence that was big enough for the baby quail to go through. The first one went in by itself. I tried to block the two ends near the gap so the second baby quail could go in, but it wasn’t smart enough so I gently lifted it. I put the chick’s head in and it went into the hole. I then lifted the third chick’s head into the hole, but the chick was confused so I put its body in and it walked away.

We left them to continue our walk and when we came back the three chicks were nice and warm under their father’s tummy.

Thank you Celeste for sharing your wonderful act of kindness!