Core Virtues

Teacher Appreciation Week – Poems

This year, during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8, the students of the Girls’ Division of Developing Virtue Secondary School expressed their gratitude towards their teachers in numerous creative and heartfelt ways. Below are poems from the juniors written in the “biopoem” style.

Jin Jr Shr
Hard-working, considerate, encouraging, and brilliant
Principal of Developing Virtue Girls’ School
Lover of dogs, Rilakkuma, and a well-constructed essay
Who feeds us all when our brain power is low (of which we really appreciate)
Whose laugh is louder and more cheerful than any of the inside jokes she shares with students
Who constantly devotes most of her time to making sure her students are doing well
Who would like to seek a world of peace and where all children would have access to education
Resident of CTTB
Jin Jr Shr

Jin Xiang Shr
Compassionate, disciplined, calm, venerable
Respectful teacher of the Meditation class
Lover of disciplines, mindfulness, and meditation
Who feels passionate when teaching in class
Who wants the idea of mindfulness to blend in with every inch of life
Who tries her best to educate her students
Who is concerned about every student and wants to learn about each one
Who would like to plant the seeds of the ultimate truth behind Buddhism
Resident of CTTB
Jin Xiang Shr


Jin Zhi Shi
Enthusiastic, intelligent, committed, experienced
Teacher of Eastern Religions at DVGS
Lover of Eastern traditions, culture and religion
Who feels the need to make sure all her students understand Eastern philosophers’ thought
Who needs more class time with her Juniors and Seniors
Who gives useful life lessons from ancient thought
Who fears the class period is over when she is only half-way through her teaching plan
Who would like to see all her students putting what they learned into practice
Resident of CTTB
Jin Zhi Shi

Ms. Mark
Dedicated, elegant, sophisticated, and experienced
The Junior High’s guiding light and also our “namaste” teacher
Lover of the color pink, nature walks, and cooking
Who aids the students to feel stress-free and relaxed
Who needs a little dramatic element to satisfy the theater queen within her
Who always gives an especially long session of yoga class for our all-time-favorite-pose: corpse pose
Who fears for the well-being of her students
Who stirs up the best concoction of both cooking and de-stress yoga sessions
Resident of Mother Earth
Ms. Mark

Dr. Patterson
Understanding, enthusiastic, and encouraging
Teacher of history and grandmother of Vonnie
Lover of learning, connecting, and venturing into new hobbies
Who feels the desire to uphold equality, teach, and contribute to the education of our future leaders
Who needs the companionship of her family, her books, and her friends
Who gives to her students, her peers, and her pets
Who fears not being able to try her best 
Who would like to seek health and happiness for those around her
Resident of Ukiah
Dr. Patterson

Ms. Applebee
Enthusiastic, experienced, creative, understanding
History and English teacher of DVGS
Lover of Petals (dog), desserts and tea
Who is passionate about learning and connecting with her students
Who needs nothing else but her pups to get her through a tough day
Who throws in jokes to lighten boring topics
Who fears the Fearless Orange is too powerful
Who would like to learn about and appreciate more languages and cultures
Resident of Willits
Ms. Applebee

Dr. Zhang
Responsible, easygoing, considerate, knowledgeable
Teacher of Physics and of life
Lover of science and of the earth
Who delights in student success and large, neat handwriting
Who works thoroughly in all aspects and succeeds in all endeavors
Who educates with both care and concern for students’ well-being
Who worries about the condition of the environment
Who would like to attain bliss and see the earth in good health
Resident of the world and of CTTB
Dr. Zhang

Ms. Tran
Compassionate, patient, humorous, and experienced
Committed teacher of DVGS
Lover of learning, math, and mindfulness 
Who feels energetic when teaching
Who needs to pass on the knowledge to her students
Who gives help when others couldn’t 
Who fears not being able to give her best
Who would like all her students to do well 
Resident of CTTB, Ukiah
Ms. Tran

Ms. Yini
Compassionate, patient, creative, savvy
Chemistry, Algebra 1+2 teacher of DVGS
Lover of Doraemon, member of math paradise, lover of kombucha
Who feels the need to alleviate the students from confusion to liberation
Who needs to rest more at night (take a break from correcting homework)
Who unconditionally gives new ideas and words of encouragement to help the students
Who fears she’s giving too heavy a workload but at the same time wants the students to succeed.
Who would like to seek for Ultimate Bliss
Resident of Ukiah, California

Mr. Gracia
Humorous, intelligent, easygoing, sincere
Father of two sons, husband of Dr. Zhang
Lover of mathematical proofs and classical music (Bach)
Who dedicates himself to teaching 
Who always hums Disney melodies and tells jokes
Who benefits students with his life-lessons and personal experiences
Who is afraid of disappointing others
A truly great calculus teacher!!!
Resident of CTTB
Mr. Gracia

Dr. Jose
Flexible, compassionate, knowledgeable, awe-inspiring
Awesome science and life lesson teacher of DVGS
Lover of Mother Nature, APES, and coffee
Who believes in the Dragon Continent Theory
Who needs nothing else but an army of APES
Who gives all of his knowledge to his “army”
Who fears the love for nature in people awakens too late
Who would like to seek for peace, compassion, and more vegans
Resident of Berkeley, CTTB, and Mother Earth

Dr. Yu
Gentle, smart, compassionate, and cute
Family of DVGS
Lover of peace and wisdom
Who feels sorry for all the patients
Who needs a sewing machine to change the world
Who gives herself to her students and education
Who fears herself not being able to provide the best
Who would like to seek living in a better world
Resident of Mother Earth

Ms. Liu
Committed, enthusiastic, good-natured, responsible
Math and PE teacher of DVGS
Lover of smiling and acknowledging others in the hallway
Who tries her best when teaching
Who needs to take some time off to rest
Who gives all of her energy in demonstrating difficult exercising postures
Who fears her students will not be motivated to do better
Who would like to help every student in need
Resident of CTTB, Ukiah
Ms. Liu

Ms. Lee
Cheerful, committed, responsible, funny, adorable~
Residence of CTTB and teacher of many classes at DVGS
Loves her students, traveling, and world religions
Who feels delighted when her students pay attention and get to class on time
Who needs the peacefulness at ceremonies and the serenity of Mother Earth
Who gives her undivided attention and patience to the needs of the students
Who fears that the students may be over-stressed from her homework and are unhappy
Who would like to seek liberation from Earth to Western Pure Land
Resident of CTTB, USA
Ms. Lee

Mrs. Chu
Experienced, committed, considerate, and responsible
Chinese teacher of the highest level at DVGS
Expert at interviewing famous people
Who tries her best in teaching and engaging all of her students
Who needs a speaker to lecture in a 15ft by 15 ft small room
Who tells very interesting real-life stories
Who fears her students will lose the ability of using Chinese during this shelter-in-place period
Who would like to bring more apple chips to her students if the machine didn’t break
Resident of CTTB
Ms. Chu

Thank you, teachers!