Lunar New Year Celebration – Boys

—DVBS Archive Team—

Written by: Bo Han Zhu (Class of 2020)

Photos by: Alan Seng (10)

Recording by: Alan Seng (10) + Nuoyan Wang (11) + Bo Han Zhu (12) + Don Ma (11)

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Chinese New Year is a time when the old and the new intermingle and interweave a fabric that both honors tradition and fosters improvements. So was the Boys School’s in-school Chinese New Year celebration that took place on Friday, January 24. After Mr. Chen led students, parents, and teachers in the ancient Chinese tradition to pay our annual respects to “heaven, earth, the national leader, relatives, and teachers (天地君親師)”, select students prepared for an inaugural event – origami, story-telling, and calligraphy booths that would enhance students’ understanding of the Chinese culture.

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After a wonderfully-prepared lunch by the dining hall, students shifted Confucius Hall into the three booths, led by Xinhung Chan (11), Marco He (12), and Bo Han Zhu (12), respectively. A surprise awaited us. Around 1:00 pm, a group of River Oaks Charter School students came to experience our festivities of Chinese New Year. Our cultural exchange was suddenly interrupted by the clock-hand striking 1:30 pm, which marked both the time of their scheduled departure and the beginning of our students’ preparation for the day’s final event –  the tradition of performing for the nuns at the Tower of Blessings. A vibrant dragon dance routine, a powerful drumming performance, and the sincere singing of the Boys School spirit song marked the completion of a fruitful day.

As the year of the rat is about the begin, we pray that all living beings will turn over a new leaf and be endowed with utmost blessings and prosperity. 祝大家歲歲平安,年年如意!Wishing everyone peace and auspiciousness in the future years!

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Video by: Nuoyan Wang (11)

Music: 刚好遇见你  – 李玉刚

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Thank you Mr. W. Chen and Mr. X.H. Chan for leading the ceremony. Further thanks to the kitchen staff for preparing the amazing meal, and to Mrs. Lau for providing the materials needed. Finally, thank you to the coordinators at the Tower of Blessings for giving us the opportunity again to perform: Dharma Masters Heng Syin, Heng Hsien, Jin Jian, Jin Yang, and Jin Qian, Dr. Setera, Mrs. Amanda Setera, and Ms. Xue.

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DVBS Archive Team

January 25, 2020

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