December Delight

By Vy Nguyen (Class of 2021)

Photography by Rachel Blythe and Thuy Nguyen (Class of 2022)

The sound of children’s laughter and Christmas music echoed through the hallways. 

In the days preceding the celebration, the Junior Class worked late into the night adorning the IITBT building with Christmas decorations and spirit. Lining the tables with countless dishes and touching up the last decorations, everyone felt ecstatic. The elementary students were first to come in, smiling with innocence and fascination at the festive lights. The air was filled with amusement once the high school students came in, ready to perform their last performances for 2019. As everyone settled in their seats, the event opened up with excitement and big smiles.

Each performance was filled with Christmas spirit and ended in a roar of applause. The Junior High performance was one of the most memorable, with a skit that brought much laughter. Finishing up the last of the performances, Santa Claus made a guest appearance bringing shrieks of excitement from the elementary and candy for the all of the students.

Following Santa’s appearance, everyone was able to enjoy an unforgettable meal that included delectable dishes provided by Heng Dzu Shr, the Kitchen Staff, teachers, and parents. 

As 2019 comes to a close, the Juniors would like to thank everyone’s great effort and we would like to wish everyone a good 2020 as the decade ends. We hope everyone is spending their much needed break well with family and with rest before school comes around again. Thank you!