Global Awareness

Breaking Out of a Shell: BMUN Workshop 2019

By Celine Huang (Class of 2020)

Photography by Sola Long (Class of 2021) and Ms. Jane Applebee (Club Advisor)

Using the power of Secretary General, I now call this committee into session. Are there are any points or motions on the floor at this time?

Motion to open debate.

That is an order, all those in favor please raise your placard.

(Everyone raises placard.)

This motion clearly passes.

On November 16, DVGS students from the Berkeley Model United Nations (BMUN) Club attended a MUN workshop at UC Berkeley. From the group of 10th-12th graders, some participated in the Novice Committee, while others joined the Advanced Crisis Committee. Each student had a unique experience debating and devising solutions to the impromptu issues that were given. Nina Xie, a first-time delegate, felt nervous at first, but soon adapted to the environment of Model UN and had a great time participating in the BMUN simulations. 

Megan Truong and Vy Nguyen stepped out of their comfort zones, and were excited to meet new people and enhance their public speaking skills. Kristina Ortega, a senior and first-time delegate, was nervous because all of the club members were separated, but with the comfortable atmosphere provided by the chair, she felt welcomed and left feeling more prepared for the official BMUN conference.

Sola Long, a junior in the Advanced Crisis Committee, began the workshop with a fun topic, role playing Dr. Strange alongside Tammy Long, who played the Hulk. Using the portfolio powers of these Avengers, while drafting several committee directives as well as communiques, they developed an elaborate understanding of dealing with fast-paced crises. 

In another conference room, Raven Li, a senior, had the opportunity to represent the country of Uruguay on the topic of the Yemen Crisis. She was able to experience creating solutions to a realistic dilemma affecting thousands of lives. Iris Ng, another student participating in the Advanced Crisis Workshop, debated on the topic of “the best sundae”. Through debate and discussion, her committee was able to come to a consensus for the topic.

This workshop lasted about 8 hours, which included an hour lunch break at noon. The students had the opportunity to boost their public speaking skills and enhance their problem-solving abilities. 

To give students even more experience for Model UN, the club is planning to attend the BMUN Mock Conference in February to further prepare students for the official conference in March.