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Honoring Elders Day 2019

-DVBS Archive Team-

By: Marvin Wang (Class of 2020), Nuoyan Wang (Class of 2021)

Media by: Mr. Stan Shoptaugh, Ms. Xuan Ooi, Alan S, William W, Nuoyan W

Slideshow: Mr. Stan Shoptaugh, Ms. Xuan Ooi

Video: Marvin, Nuoyan

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Honouring Elders Day 2019, a time to Commemorate the Past, and Innovate the Future. A time to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association and the 40th anniversary of the official opening of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. A time to put forth a display of performances, from the youthful to the elderly. A time to illustrate the success of our schools, the hard work of our students. A time of hope – that our efforts to support the elders of the community turns out well, that everyone returns home content and happy. A time of sharing, a joyous occasion for everyone.

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Video Recap:

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A song for our parents and elders:

Producers: Nuoyan, Marco
Lyricists: Music Club
Completed by: 2:30 AM, 10/26/2019, HED 🙂

“We wait till the last minute so that we are older and wiser.” – Music Club

HED Song:


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Special thanks to all of our elders for their care and contribution! Thank you to all the teachers and students who put in countless hours to make this event possible! Thank you Mr. Shoptaugh and Ms. Ooi for the photos!

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DVBS Archive Team

November 1, 2019