Core Virtues

A Meaningful Milestone: Honoring the Elders

By DVGS Editorial
Media: Rachel Blythe (2022), Sola Long (2021)

Chasing the sunrise from Ukiah to San Francisco, we—the DVGS Chinese Dance Club members—set out on our annual trip to Gold Mountain Monastery.

Partaking in the Honoring Elders Day (HED) program, we performed various solo instrument pieces, a dance originated from Confucius’ time, and a Chinese song about cheerful memories. Even though our performances were flawed and even spontaneously wild at times, the elders didn’t fail to respond with high spirited gestures and smiles, fulfilling our wish to uplift their mood and brighten their day.

“This memory, I will cherish forever.” “I will miss coming back.” These remarks were from Jocelyn He, Thanh Tieu, and Celine Huang of the graduating class, as they came to a sudden realization that this would be their last HED at Gold Mountain Monastery.

We would like to express our thanks to Gold Mountain Monastery for their generous invitation, as we are honored to participate in this meaningful event and to have the opportunity of conveying our gratitude toward the elders.