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Boys CDR-HED Performance and Trip

-DVBS Archive Team-

By: Nuoyan Wang (Class of 2021)

Photos by: Alston Liu (10) + Richard Shieh-Yan (11) + Nuoyan Wang (11) + Sam Yap (11) + Marvin Wang (12)

Recording by: Alston Liu (10) + Nuoyan Wang (11) + Jetsada Johnson (10) + Marvin Wang (12) + Gino Ackley (12) + Xin Hung Chan (11) + Richard Shieh (11) + Alec Fu (10)

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An elder is like a majestic old tree that’s been planted firmly in our backyard. Gazing out through our windows, we seldom realize its presence; yet, on a hot sunny day, it is always there, providing for us shade and comfort. Our elders are just the same. Despite their valuable contributions, elders receive little, if any, recognition from today’s ever-busy youth. And thus, as part of this increasingly indifferent generation, we - as students of Developing Virtue - will, and must part from such trends. We, in turn, choose to honour our elders.

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The trip began at 8:45AM on October 5th, when the caravan of four vehicles departed for Sacramento. After a delicious meal, we unpacked our belongings before preparing for rehearsal. The dragon dance had to adjust to a new routine due to Alec Fu (10)’s injury, as well as the drumming team.

After the tiring practice, we enjoyed another delicious meal before embarking on a grocery-shopping trip to 99 Ranch Asian Food Market. For most dorm students, this was a trip of paramount importance 🙂 . Upon returning, we relaxed in prep for the following day. Some played card games, while others chatted and played music together.

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It was soon performance day. We would go on to perform the dragon dance and 24 seasons festive drumming, before cleaning up the stage and dining hall. Not long after, we found ourselves back in CTTB.

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Video Recap:

(Full screen will result in very low quality)

Video by: Nuoyan Wang (11) ft. Alston Liu (10)

Music: Eric Chou – Something about LA

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Special thanks to City of Dharma Realm for inviting us to perform. Thank you to all the nuns and volunteers who helped prepare 4 delicious meals, as well as the refreshing snacks. Thank you for providing us a temporary home.

We, the students, would like to extend our thanks to Mr. Daniel Yan for organizing, coordinating, and supervising this event. Thank you Mr. Adam and Mrs. Ackley for driving us and the equipment. Finally, a special thank you to Mr. Jack Shen for agreeing to chaperone us despite the short notice.

To anyone else who I may have missed, thank you for making this event possible.

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DVBS Archive Team

October 10, 2019