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It’s Crystal Clear!: 3rd Graders Compete at Science Fair

By DVGS Editorial

Third graders from the Instilling Goodness Elementary School, Girls Division, competed in the Mendocino County Science Fair on Saturday, March 30.

The five students–Sasha Rodriguez, Wren Samana, Nishae Valente-Gamboa, Claire Wang, and Roe Weidaw–won bronze for their science project, titled “Crystals from Liquid to Solid”, in the category Classroom Projects, Grades 3-5.

L-R: Nishae, Sasha, Wren, Roe, Claire

We decided to ask them about their experiences with the science fair.

According to Wren, they “grew crystals from liquids and essential oils.”

The experiments that they carried out were fun. The third graders also gained valuable knowledge from the project.

Claire began, “I learned you can make crystals out of seawater.”

“I learned salt and sugar dissolve in water,” Sasha continued.

Roe chimed in, “But salt and sugar sometimes don’t taste good together, and sometimes they do.”

The students also learned important life lessons from their experience.

“If you fail at a project, it is okay since you learn from it,” concluded Nishae.

In short, the third grade science project was a wonderful learning experience. Congratulations to these bright, young scientists!